Malvern Hills District Council Annual Residents Survey- to be completed by 6th October 2019.

Malvern Hills District Council is currently undertaking its annual Residents’ Survey, which gives people an opportunity to tell us what really matters to them and what they think of local services, including asking what they think our priority actions should be moving forwards. In previous years the survey has been carried out on our behalf by Worcestershire County Council, but for the first time in 2019 MHDC are delivering it in house. This gives us more control over what is included and how the survey is managed.

There is just under a week to go until the survey closes (Sunday 6th October).

MHDC are keen to receive as many responses as possible, particularly from residents under the age of 50 who are also currently under-represented in responses.

Click the link to the online survey

The survey takes around 15 minutes to complete, although it offers the option to save and continue responses later so that residents don’t have to complete all in one go”.