Video of Abberley Hill and the Clock Tower – The Solitary Rambler

Please see link below to the 20 minute video by the Solitary Rambler on his hike around Abberley Hill and the Clock Tower.

This film features most of the “Abberley Circular Walk”, the leaflet of which is found on Worcestershire County Council’s website. However, the Solitary Rambler ended up following it in the opposite direction to the route in the leaflet.

Filmed a week before the lockdown in the middle of March, this is his first film shot in 2020.

Locations include Abberley Village, Abberley Clock Tower, and the Abberley Circular Walk 😀

CLICK HERE to view The Solitary Rambler- Abberley Hill and Clock Tower.

Link to Solitary Rambler website: