Residents in Abberley are being asked to vote on the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan in a Referendum for future development in their parish.

The draft Abberley Neighbourhood Plan covers the period between 2020 and 2030 and sets out a vision and policies to guide development in the parish.
The draft Plan includes policies to guide new housing in the parish and to ensure that new buildings are appropriately designed. The Plan includes also policies to protect key views and community facilities, and proposes the designation of seven new Local Green Spaces.

Neighbourhood Plans are a key part of the Government’s localism agenda to give local people more of a say on issues such as the design of new buildings and how best to protect the environment.

The draft Plan is now being published for public consultation.

The Referendum starts on ……………………. and runs until 5pm on ……………………….. 2021.
The Neighbourhood Development Plan is now at the Referendum stage.

If more than 50 per cent of voters in the parish back the plan, it will become part of the statutory development plan for Malvern Hills District, sitting alongside the South Worcestershire Development Plan, and will be used when determining planning decisions in Abberley parish.

Catherine Knight, Chairman of Abberley Parish Council, said: “The residents of Abberley consider the rural nature of our parish – its landscape, wildlife and history – to be fundamental to the character of our area. Our Neighbourhood Plan aims to maintain and improve that character and to address the needs and wishes of those who live, work, socialise and relax within the parish. Please tell us what you think of the draft Plan and let us have your views”.

Full details of where to see the draft Plan and how to vote are: