Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary organisation in the country and is playing an increasingly important role in helping to reduce crime and the fear of crime. The objective of Neighbourhood Watch is to promote public participation in the development of a safer and healthier environment. The partnership involves the police, encompasses several support agencies, and covers a wide range of quality of life issues.

The Abberley Neighbourhood Watch Scheme covers every household in the village and is supported by our Parish Council. We are part of the Malvern Hills District Neighbourhood Watch Association who maintain an excellent website located at showing useful information.

It is important that you make your voice heard if you have any concerns or suggestions by contacting Ning Kedwards, the Abberley Parish coordinator on 01299-890206 or Mobile: 07732702380 or email her at  or your local coordinator.

We also have a Teme Valley Neighbourhood Watch Face Book Page. Please click on the link Please feel free to ‘Like’ the page and notifications will be sent to your Facebook account when new items are posted.


The idea of the Neighbourhood Watch is just that – to watch, NOT to accost possible or actual villains, and to pass on information that could be helpful to the police, our neighbours, or both. Our contribution to the success of the partnership is to be observant, note strange activities/incidents,and to report them. We can really make a difference to the well-being of our own community.

The Community / Police Partnership In The Tenbury Policing Area

The effectiveness of the police is closely tied into the intelligence input from the community. The recent cutback in police resources makes the community contribution even more vital and we must ensure that there is good two-way communication. Neighbourhood Watch is an organisation dedicated to doing just that, with an objective to promote public participation in the development of a safer and healthier environment.

Locally we need to help and inform our neighbours, and to pass on and respond to information received from your Parish Coordinator. Information is fed into our network from the new Police system called Community Messaging System (CMS); our local Police Team; members of our community; and from other parish networks in our area.

Our role is to be observant and to report to the police any incident or suspicious activity by dialling 101, and whenever possible providing vehicle numbers and identity details. It is also helpful to inform Ning Kedwards, the parish network coordinator, who can disseminate the information on to members of the wider network.

If you require an immediate Police presence for an emergency or criminal situation, please dial 999

The local policing team, now called the Safer Neighbourhood Team, currently operates from the Tenbury Police Station. This team can be contacted via 101 or by emailing . The team members are PC Paul Packwood, CSOs Ness Snape, and Teresa Howells.

In the event of an incident, the control centre will direct the closest member of the police response team to attend – all vehicles have tracker equipment.

All householders registered with the Abberley Neighbourhood Watch Scheme will receive incident reports via emails. Please notify the parish network coordinator if you change your email address. If your neighbours are not on email, please pass on relevant messages.