Cllr. Dr Ken Pollock is inviting applications for support from his Divisional Fund.

Worcestershire County Councillor – Cllr. Pollock’s Divisional Grant Fund.

Cllr. Pollock is inviting further applications for support from his Divisional Fund!!

This is £10,000 of your council tax money that is left for him to allocate to worthy causes benefiting the division – but not exclusively to be spent within the division.

All allocations for the last 8 or 9 years can be viewed on the website, from which you may learn that many small organisations and clubs have benefited in the past, and he is keen that the most-worthy should benefit in the future.

As a principle, he would prefer to offer no more than £1,000 to any one cause, and the money should not ordinarily be for a continuing commitment as opposed to buying new kit or materials or allowing a one-off event.