Planning Application Consultation received 19/01746/FUL The Orchard, Apostles Oak, Abberley, WR6 6AD

Planning Application Consultation received on 30th January 2020 from Malvern Hills District Council 

Proposal – Proposed demolition of existing buildings on site and development of 11 new dwelling houses.

Applicant – Eden Properties (Abberley) Ltd.

Planning Officer Lee Walton – 01684 862314

Consultation responses by 27th March 2020.

Click here to view Planning Application online


Abberley Parish Council is organising FREE Defibrillator training for members of Abberley community- Saturday 28th March at Abberley Village Hall.

Abberley Parish Council has a defibrillator situated next to the front entrance of the Village Hall. It is crucial for our community that as many local residents of Abberley as possible are trained to use this equipment should the situation ever arise.

The defibrillator training will take place on Saturday the 28th March 2020 at Abberley Village Hall.

Those who enrol on the training course should arrive at 10.15 am for a 10.30 am start.

The course is a 2 hour Basic Life Support course and includes CPR, AED (defibrillator) and Recovery Position. The course will finish around 12.30pm.

Anyone who would like to take part on the training course should email the Clerk at "> 

The course has limited places and it is therefore recommended to book your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Please remember that you must enrol to secure a FREE place on this course.




Open 4 Community – A Funding Portal for the Community.

Are you looking for funding for local projects and initiatives?

Identifying and diversifying alternative funding streams has never been so important for local government. That is why Worcestershire County Council has again secured Open 4 Community, an on-line funding portal designed to meet the specific needs of Parish & Town Councils, voluntary & community groups, housing associations and large charities.
These groups and organisations can search for themselves through the thousands of Government, Lottery, charitable trust and other funds available on a European, national, regional and local basis.
Key features:
• Complete and concise fund details, including criteria, who to contact and links to application forms
• Time saving- enhanced support service for local community groups
• Automatic email alerts
• Weekly e-newsletters
• Bespoke reports for funding search results
• Monthly statistical reporting to help gain vital contact details that can be used for future marketing campaigns and research, and for proving the tool’s impact
• Dedicated local support section – to advertise your own local initiatives and events.

You will be required to complete a very simple registration form which will then allow you to access detailed information on all the funds available.

So, visit the website and begin your search!

See the attached flyer for additional information.

Open4Community (flyer)

Advice on Rural Crime Prevention

Rural Crime Prevention

Machinery Theft
• Where possible, vehicles should be housed in a lockable garage or building, ideally with security lighting installed to the perimeter.
• Vehicles should always be locked when not in use, with the keys kept hidden and locked away in a secure location.
• Keep recordings or photographs of serial numbers and vehicles as these can be crucial in recovery, should the worse happen.
• Securing Quadbikes to a fixed point on the ground or something that takes time to remove will also act as a deterrent.
• Never leave the keys in the ignition.
• Keep gates to yards closed as open gates can be an open invitation to thieves.
• Install immobilisers, chip keys and trackers as these are a simple way to deter criminals or track vehicles.
• Install CCTV

Who to call and when?
Urgent: If a Crime is in progress dial 999
Non-Urgent: Dial 101 to report a Crime after it has taken place.
Provide Information: Contact the Rural Crime Hotline to give information anonymously. You can submit information online

or call the Rural Crime Hotline on 0800 783 0137

Overgrown Hedges and Trees bordering roads and paths. (Encroachment)


Dear Parishioners,
You may not be aware that there are strict rules governing the growth of trees and hedging bordering paths and roads.

1. There should be clearance of at least 2.2m (7’ 2’’) above a footway, pavement, or verge to allow pedestrians free passage.

2. Hedges/vegetation should be cut back to the boundary line so as not to overhang or encroach onto the highway (meaning carriageway, footway or verge)

We realise that there are only a couple of months to go before all hedge cutting has to stop until 1st September but we would request that you check any of your boundaries to make sure that you are compliant with the above.

It is very easy for hedges to get thicker just by a little bit each year, despite being cut back regularly, to the extent that they eventually take up quite a lot of space on a pavement. That hedge may require some radical pruning to put it back where it should be. Indeed, your hedges may need more than one pruning session to keep them inside your boundary line.

All hedge/ tree cutting should be completed by 1st March.

NB Health and Safety take precedence so wherever there is a danger to the public caused by overgrown hedges they can be dealt with irrespective of date.

There is a process to be followed as shown below:

– If required, the Parish Council will send a letter to individual landowners to notify them that their hedges/trees need some remedial work.

– If the problem is not rectified then the matter would be passed to County Highways. They will then contact the Landowner to ask for that work to be done. If not completed within a certain time period they will undertake the work themselves and may then present a bill to the landowner.

CLICK HERE to download document in pdf.

Abberley Parish Council 2019

South Worcestershire Development Plan Review – Suggested comments for SWDP Consultation Review

South Worcestershire Development Plan Review – Preferred Options Paper public consultation from Monday 4th November to Monday 16th December 2019 and a revised version of the Local Development Framework.
The South Worcestershire Councils (SWCs) (Malvern Hills District, Worcester City and Wychavon District) have commenced a review of the South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP). The SWDP was adopted in February 2016 and the SWCs are required, by the 2017 Regulations to complete a review every five years. The SWDP Review will cover the period to 2041.

The SWDP Review will allocate further land for houses, jobs and retail. It will also set out planning policies for making decisions on new development proposals up to the year 2041.

This ‘Preferred Options’ consultation follows last year’s Issues and Options consultation document and it sets out the Councils’ draft policies and identifies the sites which the three Councils think should be developed for housing, employment and mixed uses. We want your views on the preferred options.

Abberley Parish Council has researched and offer the following information to residents who wish to make comment on the SWDP Consultation Review.

Land East of Clows Top Road CFS0601s
– Comments on its Inclusion in the SWDPR

– Marring of unique and beautiful landscape due to the positioning of the site – the amenity of the visual aspect of the landscape is considered to be very important both in the current SWDP and the Review. SWDP6 B ii; SWDPR29 Para 14.64;

– The Worcestershire Way runs through Abberley and has several access points. Start point for many is the Village Hall Carpark;

– The site would be viewed from several paths that crisscross Abberley – 521(B); 518(B); 517(B); 516 (B); 522(B);

– Beginning of the destruction the historical aspect of the Landscape;

– Character of Abberley Common further diminished by another estate type development SWDP 21;

– Too close to the Conservation Area ( The Village), Listed Building ( Tump House) and TPO(Tree Protection Order – willow at Tump House;

– Number of houses 18 is only indicative ie approximate and could be increased to 30;

– Precedent would be set for further building on this site;

– Abberley Parish has fulfilled MHDC requirement for housing until 2041 let alone 2031. ( MHDC base figures on Abberley Parish as a whole. We believe does not take into account that ALL development occurs on Abberley Common.) The village is a Conservation area so not available for any development other than infill. (Three sites for development are included in the current plan, totalling an indicative number of 35. Planning permission now means that that number is now 57 in actuality. Windfall and permission on smaller sites brings that to 63. An extra 18 houses would be totally disproportionate;

– The effect on wrapping these houses around the Village Hall would be disastrous. A large part of its income is derived from events that take advantage of its fabulous setting. The Caravan Club specifically hires the Hall for this reason;

– The Primary School will reach capacity at around 120 after the next classroom is built and there is no room for further expansion;

– Negative effect on the pre school and outside play areas;

– Infrastructure to support extra housing not in place – traffic congestion. NB Particularly at A443 and A4133;

– Access to site problematical on both roads – the road is already being altered to accommodate the Walshes Farm development;

– Riders, walkers, cyclists and children use the minor road leading to The Village with great frequency – safety compromised;

– Overstretching of resources particularly in respect of the Doctor’s Surgery;

– Flooding on Suffolk Lane by Jacob’s Well exacerbated by run off from the field where the potential development is sited;

Representations can be made in the following ways:
• On-line: by following the links from
• By Email:
• By Post: South Worcestershire Development Plan, Wychavon Civic Centre, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 1PT

All comments need to be submitted by 5pm on Monday 16th December 2019.
Revised Local Development Schemes
Each of the SWCs has also adopted revised Local Development Schemes. These documents set out the schedule of planning policy work for the next three years. The Local Development Schemes for each council can be viewed at

If you have any queries you can contact us by phone 01386 565000 or email .">.


Pavement Parking in Abberley

Dear Parishioners,

It is often brought to our notice that there is a problem with pavement parking in Abberley. It is misguided to think that it is helpful to park across the pavement. It may allow cars to pass unimpeded but it makes it IMPOSSIBLE for pedestrians, people with sight problems and pushchairs and prams to pass safely.
Below you will see the rules about parking as written in the Highway Code. They are advisory but extremely sensible. If it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to park on the pavement please make sure that you leave enough room for a pushchair to pass.

244 You SHOULD NOT park on a pavement.
Parking on a pavement can obstruct and seriously inconvenience pedestrians, people in wheelchairs or with visual impairments and people with prams or pushchairs.

LAW GL(GP)A Sect 15
243 DO NOT park
– near a school entrance
– opposite or within 10 metres (32ft) of a junction
– near the brow of a hill
– where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users and powered mobility vehicles
– in front of an entrance to a property
– on a bend

NB DO NOT instructions are prosecutable whereas SHOULD NOT is advisory

Parish Council thanks for support with comunity litter-pick on Saturday 12th October.

Abberley Parish Council wish to thank all those who turned up for the Village Litter Pick on Saturday 12th October. It was amazing and really heartening to see our merry band of 15 set off to scour the hedgerows and verges for RUBBISH!! What had been forecast as a miserably wet morning actually transformed itself into one of those glorious autumn days where it is a joy to be outside.

Garbed in the ubiquitous high vis vest and armed with what turned out to be rather efficient grabbers we set off determined to give those litter droppers a trouncing.

We collected over 20 bags most of which I am thankful to say were accumulated at the Shaver’s End part of town. Our doughty volunteers did a lot of scrambling around down banks to retrieve some fairly unpleasant detritus. Shame on those who think that it is all right to bag up dog poo in plastic and just leave it lying around. And what makes those guilty parties think that it is all right to throw them into the undergrowth. The least you could do is use a compostable bag! I don’t think there is a rubbish fairy detailed off to collect them as you obviously think there is.

Which brings me to the Litter Angels whose name were whispered. It became apparent on our clearing of the countryside that that there are people who, without being asked, make it their business to regularly patrol our highways and byways collecting litter and debris and perhaps it is to them that we should give the biggest thanks of all.

Worcestershire County Council call out for local contractors to assist with snow clearance.

Worcestershire County Council utilises local contractors to assist us with snow clearing across the County.
We’re always looking to increase these, as the service they can provide to us is invaluable, especially in assisting in clearing roads to local isolated communities during severe weather. Contractors are assigned to specific zones, based on where they live. This allows us to deploy them at very short notice to augment the gritters

If you are aware of any local farmer, or contractor, with a JCB, or tractor and plough/blade who would be willing to assist us when it snows, please respond to this email with any contact information you may have. We will then contact them directly to discuss it further.

Payment is made on based on their hourly rate for plant and labour.

Please contact below if you are interested.

Theresa Ashley
Worcestershire Highways
Worcestershire County Council
Sixways House
Warriors Way
Pershore Lane

Tel +44(0)1905 843036

Late Summer Shindig!

Late Summer Shindig
Abberley Parish Council would like to send a huge thank you to all those who participated in the Late Summer Shindig.
The brilliant band of George Buchanan, fantastic food from The Crunchy Pig and delicious drink from Magic Bars and, last but certainly not least, Paddy Levack, complete with bagpipes, contributed to making it a foot tapping evening – even reluctant dancers were having a go by the end!!
A special thanks must go to Jim Gibson for heading up the whole thing and being a fabulous compere on the night and to Lisa Walker and Sarah Crabbe who were indefatigable in their enthusiasm for making sure the show stayed on the road.
Various clubs and groups active in Abberley produced some wonderful displays advertising what they do; by all accounts there is much in which to get involved.
The biggest thanks go, of course, to YOU – who came, who saw and who danced.

Catherine Knight
Chair – Abberley Parish Council