Shavers End Quarry – NOTICE

Dear Parishioners,

Over the years many problems have been caused by illegal trespass at Shaver’s End Quarry. Although the quarry is situated in the parish of Astley and Dunley we are greatly impacted by whatever happens there.

The last few weeks, despite the regulations governing movement and social distancing, have seen a huge influx on to that site which has caused severe and worrying disruption to Abberley inhabitants.

The police are extremely aware of the problem and as a result there has been a stronger police presence with vehicles being towed, fines issued and arrests being made. However, last weekend saw an increase in activity which saw over a hundred vehicles parked on the Shaver’s End Road, blocking it completely. No farm, or emergency vehicle or ordinary motorist could have got through.

The Parish Council has started an incident log which Carole Hirst, our Parish Clerk, will maintain. We would be very grateful for two actions on the part of parishioners; that they are to report any incident, which has given them cause for concern, to both any member of the Parish Council and the Police.

The police can be contacted on 101 with the specific request that the incident is reported to the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) at Droitwich. It doesn’t matter what the incident is whether it is being approached by people selling drugs, dangerous driving around the lanes or cars blocking roads it should be reported. Indeed, any suspicious activity in Abberley should be noted.

Parents – please discourage any of your children from going to the quarry which apart from being an illegal activity, is known as a place where drugs are dealt and has already claimed the life of one young man.

It is extremely important that we build up a body of evidence to support the moves to solve this issue. Photographing car number plates is extremely useful as this places people in the vicinity but no one should attempt to engage with members of the public or do anything with which they feel uncomfortable.

The rubbish which is regularly dumped is a disgrace and despite valiant efforts on the part of villagers to clear it continues to blight our beautiful countryside.

Perhaps with a combined effort and refusal to let this situation continue we may be able to do something about it.


Abberley Parish Council

June 2020