Worcestershire County Council update on Coronavirus and their services.

Update from Worcestershire County Councillor Cllr. Dr. Ken Pollock

At this time of unprecedented disruption to our daily lives, I am concerned that all representatives of the people of the Tenbury division should be fully aware of all that is being done to assist them in getting through the crisis with the minimum of trouble.

Worcestershire County Council is working with a number of other organisations under the One Worcestershire brand. Details of all the assistance that is being offered to businesses can be found by going to the Worcestershire Business Central website.

For personal help, try the Worcestershire County Council website. On the home page, you will find the Here2Help brand, that should answer most queries.

Some of the other organisations that have been helping put together this advice – and whose own sites offer their distinctive take – are the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership, (the LEP), the Chamber of Commerce for Herefordshire and Worcestershire, the Federation of Small businesses, (the FSB), and National Farmers Union, (the NFU).

Government money is being channelled through the District Councils, so for the Tenbury Division, this is Malvern Hills District Council. They have done a great job with government cash for those affected by flooding, and now they are processing all business claims for assistance due to the virus crisis.

All of this effort is coordinated by a structure under the Local Resilience Forum, (the LRF), set up for any such emergency. This includes all the blue light services as well as the county’s councils.

Should you find that none of these answers your needs, please do get in touch with your local District Councillor, or me, as your County Councillor. We are also well aware of the effort put in by our local MP, Harriett Baldwin, who will always be keen to help if needed.

All of this effort is being complemented by the work of the NHS and the care sector, and I am sure we are all grateful for their selfless efforts. In addition, we must appreciate all the other essential work that goes on, often unrecognised, but nevertheless essential to our wellbeing.

Thank you for your attention and very best wishes for you all, in overcoming the problems we face, so we can enjoy this wonderful county, and country, long into the future.

Cllr Dr Ken Pollock,

Member, Tenbury Division,

Cabinet Member Responsible for Economy and Infrastructure, Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, Worcester, WR5 2NP

Abberley Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday 22nd April at 7.30pm via ZOOM

Abberley Parish Council are holding their next Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 22nd April at 7.30pm via ZOOM.

Government Legislation has changed for Parish Councils which came into force on the 4th April 2020 to enable Parish Councils across England to carry out their meetings. The change of legislation was introduced as a measure to support Parish Council during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Parish Councils are now permitted to hold their meetings remotely, online and Abberley Parish Council will host its first Formal Ordinary Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 22nd April 2020 at 7.30pm via ZOOM.

The meeting is accessible to the public in exactly the same way that every other Parish Council meeting was and each meeting is set up with meeting ID and password details.

Should you be interested in logging into the Parish Council meeting on the 22nd April at 7.30pm please contact the Clerk by email on "> for login details. The meeting will be via ZOOM and therefore you will need to download the software on https://zoom.us/signin which is FREE. The meeting can be viewed via your PC or you can dial in via a UK phone number unique to ZOOM for meetings. The Clerk will supply all this information on request.

As per all Parish Council meetings the Public will be welcome to speak during “Public Question Time” and able to observe the remainder of the meeting.





Information from Abberley Village Stores.

Current Opening times;


Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm

Saturday 9am – 4pm

Sunday 10am – 12pm

Post office hours as normal.

Abberley General Stores is still open during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I’m sure that most people are aware by now that we’re still open but I just wanted to clarify the current arrangements given the situation so you can best prepare yourself before you come in or in case you or loved ones need to use our delivery or collection service.

We have had in place for a few weeks now, a two in two out policy. This is to keep our customers and staff as safe as possible when shopping and working in store. We have quite a big floor space for a village shop so we feel we are all able to keep at least 2 metres away from each other at all times. For this reason it is preferred that you take ‘two in two out’ to mean two people shopping in store at any one time but if you need to shop with another member of the household because you can’t leave them in the car or at home then we will allow more than one person per household but please take extra care to keep your distance from other shoppers and be prepared to wait longer so we can let just your household in at once if myself or any member of staff feel this cannot be achieved.

If you would prefer to shop in-store alone, we are happy to accommodate this but please be aware that you may have to wait a little longer so that we can get the queue down first. If you ring the doorbell at the front of the shop then we will attend to you outside and you can explain this to us.

We occasionally have extra help to stock shelves or collect deliveries for us. These people are often volunteers but they are aware that they need to keep their distance from you and during these times we may feel it necessary to reduce the number of customers in at any one time or to lock the door altogether and serve you from outside, just whilst a safe distance is not achievable inside, this isn’t often very long.

Whilst waiting outside please remember to keep away from each other, many a time when I bring the chairs in from outside people have moved them right next to one another so they can have a good chat. The 2 metre advice is still relevant when out in the fresh air so please be careful and allow people to leave the store without being crowded.

Deliveries and collections;
We are operating a delivery and collection service for anyone who feels they need or want it. There are no ‘vulnerable’ criteria, we feel you are the best judge of your own safety and that of others.

Deliveries – This are made on Mondays and Thursdays.
To order to be delivered to on a Monday please order by Saturday 4pm at the latest.

To order to be delivered to on a Thursday please order by Tuesday 4pm at the latest.

This gives us time to order bread and fruit and veg etc fresh ready for your delivery.

We can put orders up for you and these can be collected from shelving outside by the back kitchen double doors in the car park.
We prefer to keep the bulk of collections to Wednesdays and Fridays so we can organise staff around these busier periods, however, if you need to collect outside of these days please call us and we’ll try and help.

To place orders for delivery or collection please leave your orders on the answerphone on number 01299 896 620. We realise that you may not know what we have in stock / generally sell, especially if you are a new customer, but leave what you would ideally like on the answerphone and we will try and get items in even if we do not normally stock them or we will call you back with alternatives where available (if you have left a phone number). Please note, we can not call everyone back to confirm we have received their order but do not worry if you don’t hear from us until the day of your delivery or collection. We will get to you, do not worry, you will not be forgotten or missed. We realise it’s frightening stuck at home not knowing how you’re going to get supplies but we will be there. We often work late into the night and start early in the morning to get everything ready so just because the shop opening hours may have passed doesn’t mean you aren’t still in the system and we will get to you. If you are really concerned then you can always call us to speak to us in person using the 01299 896 000 number.

If you have symptoms;
Please do not enter the store. We understand that whilst people are told to self-isolate they can-not always get supplies delivered to them from supermarkets because of delivery wait times etc. If you ring the door bell on the front door I will come out and attend to you or we will happily put up collections or deliver to you if you phone in. We realise that symptoms do not always comply with delivery or collection days so please just call us on the 01299896000 number and explain and we will be happy to prioritise you so that you can keep yourself and others save by staying home. We have many vulnerable people shopping with us who we all need to try and keep safe and we ourselves are trying our best to keep our vulnerable loved ones at home safe by not bringing anything home. We can only achieve this by following these rules and we have delivered to many a family who have been self-isolating with symptoms, doing their bit to keep us all safe.

If the staff unknowingly contract this virus we like so many other key workers have the potential to spread it to others, this is why we wear masks and gloves all day, however uncomfortable and we serve you from behind the glass. If any staff develop any symptoms they will leave immediately and if we are not able to continue safely, in all likelihood we will probably have to close at least for a while. This would be a great shame as we have been able to reach so many people in these last few weeks and prevent them from having to leave their homes at all whilst still providing someone for them to talk to.

All of our staff at home or still working have had to make great sacrifices to keep the shop open. From those who have to stay home when they want to be in helping and working to those of us who just have to just wave to our parents through windows and keep to our rooms so we can try and keep everyone safe. Please respect this and do not enter with symptoms.

Lastly I’d like to say a massive thank you to our volunteers who, without them, we wouldn’t have been able to get to so many people or keep as stocked as we have. They have been our own little lifesavers and they are very much appreciated.

Also to our local suppliers, a massive thank you. We have been able to keep goods on the shelves that you may not have seen in the supermarket for some time. This is because our little local, often family run suppliers – who you have supported all year round by supporting us, have really come through for us all.
Mawley Town Farm – run by the Robinson family and their team have been absolutely amazing in keeping supply coming. Whilst Wiseman’s a national company, has reduced us to three days a week from six and who before this crisis began threatened to stop supply altogether despite driving past the door daily.
Also to Ashley’s Bakery – run by husband and wife team Estelle and Ashley, have been amazing. Never missing a delivery despite them both being out of action for sometime. Whereas Warburton’s a national supplier momentarily decided to stop supply altogether to us for at least two weeks at the start of the crisis but have since had a change of heart with intermittent supply going forward.

So many of our other suppliers too;
J Walsh – Tenbury Wells – paracetamol.
Cecil Hill – Hartlebury – Bread flour, yeast, pasta, chopped tomatoes.
Sue Coley – Abberley – reminding us all to keep calm and eat more cake.
Wenlock Edge
Wyre Pie – Far Forest,
Legges – Bromyard
Springfield free range chickens – Leominster
Our Meat suppliers from all over Worcestershire,
Hillhampton Honey,
Mill Orchard – Great Witley,
The breweries keeping us all sane whilst the pubs are shut – Cleobury, Wye Valley, Bewdley, Swan, Westons.
Bewdley Farm Shop,
They all deserve a mention for their tireless hard work.

Looking forwards to Drew’s tomatoes soon and Strawberries and Raspberries from Little Witley.


Abberley Village Stores

Video of Abberley Hill and the Clock Tower – The Solitary Rambler

Please see link below to the 20 minute video by the Solitary Rambler on his hike around Abberley Hill and the Clock Tower.

This film features most of the “Abberley Circular Walk”, the leaflet of which is found on Worcestershire County Council’s website. However, the Solitary Rambler ended up following it in the opposite direction to the route in the leaflet.

Filmed a week before the lockdown in the middle of March, this is his first film shot in 2020.

Locations include Abberley Village, Abberley Clock Tower, and the Abberley Circular Walk 😀

CLICK HERE to view The Solitary Rambler- Abberley Hill and Clock Tower.

Link to Solitary Rambler website: http://solitaryrambler.co.uk/129

Worcestershire County Council internal gold meeting in respect of COVID 19- Issue 9- 6th April 2020

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Look after yourself whilst staying at home

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD hospital-discharge-patient-leaflet-editable-v3

Key Messages

  • Reminder that the Here2Help email is the first point of contact if people want to offer assistance or gain support. The other option is the telephone contact number which is staffed 8am-8pm 7 days a week – 01905 768053.
  • Carers who support a family member or friend who require support should contact the Worcestershire Association of Carers on http://www.carersworcs.org.uk or call the Helpline 0300 012 4272.
  • PPE remains an issue, but we are providing an email – and a helpline (01905 768053) for all Providers to contact Commissioners if they have a supply problem or other issues.
  • A significant delivery of additional supplies is imminent. The focus for this will be for Social Care with PPE relating to the NHS is being managed separately.
  • We continue to build the picture of community action in the county in order to provide support to the most vulnerable and to establish if any of the Shielded Cohort are slipping through the net of the wider Government
  • Over 290 beds are available across the Acute Hospital sites, with additional capacity of 80 beds in Community Hospitals and 130 additional Care Home beds. We have options on 300 Hotel rooms, and we block purchased additional Domiciliary Home Care.
  • There is ongoing support for independent providers to assist with financial sustainability and the supply of PPE if needed.
  • At present there is less need for ventilation in Acute Hospitals, which is in line with what has been observed nationally.
  • The NHS are completing system wide stress tests on the acute, community and primary care capacity which are to be complete by the end of this week.
  • We are working with the District Councils in a single, countywide group to provide accommodation for all those rough sleepers in Worcestershire who will accept it
  • Places for children and young people continue to be provided in schools, colleges and early years settings across Worcestershire that have remained open during the Easter holidays.
  • We have launched a mental wellbeing campaign called “Look after yourself whilst staying at home”. (See attached leaflet) We would appreciate it if you could share this on your social media accounts or send it by email to your residents.

Key Service Areas

Adult Services

  • Please see the attached Discharge from Hospital Leaflet.
  • To ensure we have appropriate levels of domiciliary care available for individuals on discharge from hospital we have secured appropriate hotel accommodation across the county to ensure individuals are safe and cared for following discharge from hospital. This will be free for the individual and once it is determined that they can return home a range of services will be available to provide support should it be needed.
  • Recruitment campaign ongoing with redeployed staff receiving training.
  • Approximately 150 new enquiries continue to be received daily through the here2help website, with a similar number of calls being taken over the phone through the Access Centre.

Children’s Services

  • Social Care capacity holding up, with additional shifts being worked and visits reduced to statutory minimum and carried out ‘virtually’ wherever possible.
  • Direct support provided to those leaving care who are living independently, especially around the Social Distancing message.
  • Calls for additional PPE remain.
  • Lower numbers of vulnerable children are attending school than expected but we are working hard to encourage attendance.
  • Government have confirmed they will provide additional funding to those pupils entitled to free school meals whilst at school during the Easter holidays.

Community Services

  • All Libraries and Museums remain closed
  • Registering of deaths is now taking place over the phone.
  • Trading Standards are actively raising awareness of potential scams
  • Support is being given through volunteers and through community groups to assist with pharmacy deliveries.
  • Food parcels continue to be distributed to the individuals within the Shielded Cohort / those in urgent need.

Economy & Infrastructure

  • All major infrastructure project construction sites are now temporarily shutting down in a controlled manner
  • All Household Waste & Recycling Centres remain closed
  • District Councils continue to support each other with the current challenge regarding refuse collections, with the aim to get back to normal schedules next week.
  • Additional goggles and other safety equipment are being sourced from schools across the county.
  • Thoughts turning to what steps can be taken in readiness for any potential recovery, with particular focus on highways maintenance.

Workforce and Training

  • Daily communication update issued to staff
  • The volunteer redeployment form for use by staff who may have capacity to support critical roles where resource is currently limited or where we believe there will soon be a shortage is now live.
  • County Hall remains closed to the Public
  • Close liaison taking place with relevant Trade Union organisations throughout this crisis has been well received.


  • Messages around Mental Health wellbeing advice and tips for home working
  • “Wrap around” for free local newspaper being distributed from Thursday. development for distribution next week


Official statistics and information are available on the link below:




There will be many vulnerable people in our community who will have to self-isolate. This site will provide a central location for the vulnerable that are unable to seek help from family, friends and neighbours.  You can request help, volunteer to help and find useful resources.

Want to help/volunteer or need assistance



NHS Website for information on Coronavirus

https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/hospital-discharge-patient-leaflet-editable-v3 Look after yourself whilst staying at home

Look after yourself whilst staying at home.- Here 2 Help Worcestershire

CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER GUIDANCE – Look after yourself whilst staying at home


A Message from the Parish Council

A Message from the Parish Council

As a result of the ever-changing situation we need to be alert to new advice coming from Government. There are now stringent rules in place for SELF-ISOLATION and for SOCIAL DISTANCING. Unless absolutely necessary, apart from daily exercise, essential food shopping and care of the more vulnerable etc we should all be at home.

During the Coronavirus outbreak we hope to support each other as a community bearing in mind, ALWAYS, the advice from Government about self-isolation and social distancing. We can all play our part in hastening this disease on its way by adhering to these rules.

There are also many groups in Abberley who may be able to answer to your own particular needs.

If there are any organisations who have formed any social media groups that people may join then please let Carole Hirst, our Parish Clerk, know "> and she will be able to upload that information to the Parish website and also to our own Facebook page.

It may be becoming more difficult for some Parishioners to easily access the services they need. And for that reason we have asked for volunteers to provide some assistance where able.

It is extremely important that both volunteer and parishioner observe all the guidelines about social distancing when performing any service and that each is comfortable with what is being asked of them.

Please don’t hesitate to call any of the following people if you are having difficulty in picking up prescriptions, need some essential food and supplies, or simply just to hear a friendly voice on the end of a phone.


Paddy Levack – 07808 947314

Anne Cheston – 07909 830026

Iain Sharpe – 07722 953635

Sarah Unsworth – 01299 890216 / 07808 947314

Sarah Crabbe – 07989 982244

Nick Crabbe – 07970 104499

Andrew Cotterill – 07939 032497

Wendy Congrave 01299 896080 / 07929 613536

Tracy Ballard – 07970 661541

Stephanie Cope – 07966366505

Dave and Gill Bell – 01299 896568

Tony Chance – 07778 121611

W.I.                      Lynne Whitaker (01299- 896094) and Wendy Congrave (01299- 896080)

All are Abberley residents and are known to members of the Parish Council.

Samantha, in the Village Shop – 01299 896000, can take any orders over the phone and will deliver.

All information regarding the Coronavirus is uploaded to the Parish website as soon as it is received.

This is in the form of links and downloadable sheets which will take you to the relevant website and the topics range from the latest government directives to how you can occupy yourselves at home.

The best thing we can do at the moment is be that good neighbour and not assume that someone else is fulfilling that role.

All keep safe and well,

Catherine Knight – Chair – Abberley Parish Council 01299 896093

Worcestershire County Council COVID-19 Update for CALC

Worcestershire County Council COVID-19 Update for CALC
3 April 2020

Organisational position
Worcestershire County Council is delivering a One Worcestershire approach. We are working alongside our colleagues in District Councils, the NHS, our MPs and with our other partners including Worcestershire’s voluntary sector organisations.

Key Messages
• Stay at home

• Observe social distancing

• Wash your hands regularly

• If you are vulnerable and have received a letter from the NHS, register for support via:


• Or call 0800 0288327, the Government’s dedicated helpline.

Key operational activities/focus/priorities
• We are working with our district council colleagues and with the voluntary sector to build a picture of community action in order to establish if any of the Shielded Cohort are slipping through the net of the wider Government campaign as well as to support those others who are or who may become vulnerable

• We have managed to block purchase up to 300 hotel rooms to assist with the placing of patients who need additional support after hospital discharge

• We are working with the District Councils to provide accommodation for all those rough sleepers who will accept it
Key operational activities/focus/priorities • Through local sourcing we are providing every care setting in Worcestershire with additional supplies of hand sanitiser

• All adult care services remain covered but Nursing Homes are coming under pressure. Overall, there is still enough capacity in Domiciliary Care and we continue to block purchase domiciliary care from the private sector.

• In a single day this week 150 new enquiries were received through the here2help website with a further 140 calls taken through our Adult Social Care Access Centre.
Key operational activities/focus/priorities

• Schools across Worcestershire are preparing to open during Easter holidays for children of critical workers and for vulnerable children

• Vouchers being issued to pupils entitled to free school meals, with most supermarkets accepting them.

• All major infrastructure projects are now shutting down in a controlled manner.

• All household waste & recycling centres are closed. District Councils are working to continue to provide refuse collections. Support is being provided when it is required.

Where can I get further information, help and advice?


There will be many vulnerable people in our community who will have to self-isolate. This site will provide a central location for the vulnerable that are unable to seek help from family, friends and neighbours. You can request help, volunteer to help and find useful resources.
Want to help/volunteer or need assistance http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/here2help

Where can I get further information, help and advice?

County Council website for Coronavirus information http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/coronavirus

NHS Website for information on Coronavirus https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/


Plea from Local Farmer re-Lambing

Plea from a local farmer

We are just about to commence our busiest period of the year, lambing, which will last for the next 4 weeks or so – we have ewes lambing both indoors and outdoors, and inevitably will be checking these animals at regular intervals. The land has several footpaths crossing it and of course we have to go through the gates on these paths on a daily basis. Ideally we would prefer people to stay at home, but if they do use a footpath could they please wear disposable gloves to minimise the risk of potentially leaving virus on the surface ?

We are working around the clock for the next month (to maintain food supplies to the population), and our priority as a family must be to avoid contracting the virus which would inevitably put us under extreme pressure during such a hectic period.

On the same note, with many dog owners in the village now at home and probably exercising their animals more frequently than usual (?), could they ensure the dogs remain on a lead under control when in the proximity of livestock.

If we can all show some consideration and compassion to others during this period, hopefully this lockdown will not be sustained any longer than absolutely necessary.

Thanks, in anticipation

Local Farmer.


MHDC advice update regarding Coronavirus- 27th March 2020

Please see links below to download more information.


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Coronavirus resources for social prescribing (2)

Affected services

Our waste and recycling collections continue to operate as normal thanks to the dedication of our depot team.
To support this, we have stopped taking bulky waste collections until further notice.
We are offering businesses the opportunity to suspend their commercial and recycling collections to support them.
We are asking people on social media not to carry out house, garage or shed clearances unless they can store the waste for a period of time. The Household Recycling Centres are currently closed as it is classed as non-essential travel and we cannot accept side waste, as it would overwhelm our standard service.
The full list of affected services is available at http://www.malvernhills.gov.uk/coronavirus<http://www.malvernhills.gov.uk/coronavirus>

Social distancing rules

Police are now enforcing social distancing rules. In the first instance they will attempt to do this by consent but have the power to fine people if they refuse to comply.
We have already received reports of people gathering in our play areas and have worked with police to disperse them.
To report breaches of social distancing rules the police have asked people to use the online 101 reporting service.

Community Response Update

Many thanks for letting us know all the fantastic things you’ve been doing within your communities.
Changes are being made to the Worcestershire Here 2 Help campaign we mentioned to you in the last update and it will be more widely promoted from next week.
The Here2Help website provides a central location for those members of the community that do not need urgent help and are unable to seek help from family, friends and neighbours.

There are two forms people can fill in on the main website http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/here2help
I need help – this is to support those who have nowhere else to turn for help with things such as collecting shopping or medicines, walking their dog etc. It is not intended as a service for those who already receive Adult Social Care help or who can ask family, friends or neighbours for help or are already linked with a community group in their area.

Tell us how you can help – for those who can offer assistance through volunteering, delivering essentials etc Anyone unable to complete the form online, can phone 01905 768053 where someone will be able to help you fill in the online form. This number can be used Monday to Sunday between 8am and 8pm.

Once people register for help, they will receive an email notification confirming their request has been received.

Requests for help will be responded to within 24 hours and someone will discuss with them in more detail their needs and what support can be offered.

Anyone who offers help may have their details passed on to a local volunteer or community group to help mobilise support needed.

Residents who have received a letter from the NHS asking them to self-isolate for 12 weeks and are deemed extremely vulnerable, can also use this number to request help with care, medicine and support with daily living.

Worcestershire County Council is responding to requests and has received more than 70 appeals for help since it went live on Monday evening, all with varying needs but most centre upon food supplies or medication collections. They will track the type of concerns which are coming through so they can ramp up that response and identify gaps in support.
If you know of any volunteers, groups or organisations who are offering help please ask them to fill in the offer of help form. https://capublic.worcestershire.gov.uk/CommunityPublic/OfferOfHelp.aspx?_ga=2.261372612.819327287.1584958627-808813890.1582819890

NHS Volunteering
The NHS call for a volunteer army has had over 500,000 responses. We are waiting to hear about how this army links with the here2help scheme. The current advice from County Council is to promote and register for both:

Health & Wellbeing / Welfare Checks
Attached is a Mind Wellness checklist and social prescribing coronavirus resources which you may find useful to share with relevant people.
In addition to this Malvern Hills District Council is putting on weekly challenges linking to physical activity and wellbeing on our YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL-C-fgcehHzMYyxqgp414g
These can also be found on our Malvern Hills Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/MalvernHillsUK

As you will appreciate the current situation is moving swiftly. We will continue to update you as and when we have more information.

Ian Dipple
Joint Marketing and Communications Manager Malvern Hills District Council and Wychavon District Council Civic Centre, Queen Elizabeth Drive Pershore, WR10 1PT