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Dear Parishioners

It is starting to cool down and heating is going on so it is timely to consider the best energy savings ideas and see what improvements you can make to reduce your carbon footprint and your bills at home.

Have you checked how much loft insulation you have? To meet current Building Regs you need at least 270mm of loft roll whether it’s sheep’s wool or hemp or mineral wool. Aim for 350mm. Most people have about half this… and 25% of your heat goes out through the roof. If you can’t get in your loft for safety reasons then ask a trusted person or qualified installer to do this for you. Make sure air gaps for roof ventilation are not obstructed. Seek advice if you’re not sure.

Is your cylinder insulated? Are your pipes all insulated? Draught proofing? Use thermally backed curtains to reduce heat loss through your windows. Have you got double glazing? If you have cavity walls have they been cavity filled if suitable?

Consider turning down your thermostat by 1oC which could save 8% on your bills according to Carbon Trust.

If you have a condensing regular or combi boiler then turn down the heat flow temperature to 55oC (usually inside the front cover) or ask boiler technician to do this for you. Check your manufacturer’s instructions- see useful U tube videos on how to do this correctly.

Want to go further then make the most of the heat pump grant under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme which is now £7,500 and will cover the cost for a small heat pump or make a big contribution to a larger installation. The grant is also available for biomass boilers. If your gas/oil boiler is old then check out heat pumps!

We can’t advise on installers but make sure you look for MCS accreditation (Microgeneration Certification Scheme). These installers are on a register so they ensure staff are trained. They also use specified MCS certified products with published performance figures.

The parish council will have a Climate Evening in the new year to share experience and ideas in the parish.

Cathie Eberlin

Parish Councillor