Climate Change Update

Climate Change Update

Thank you to those people who attended out Climate Change Update Evening in February. We had some new faces to welcome to the village too. For those who couldn’t make it here is a brief summary.

Tenbury Transport Trust introduced the volunteer scheme run by volunteers which includes regular minibus routes but also bookable lifts for those in need of door to door assistance for appointments. Some social groups book the minibus service for special trips.

Tenbury Transport Trust is also looking for volunteers who are based in Abberley who can offer some time to help as drivers, using your own car. This is allowed in the scheme following CRB or DBS checks and informing your insurer. Fuel expenses are paid. This is offering a vital service to those who need direct transport so do consider if you’d like to help.

Climate Matters

We reviewed the current grant offering from the government on renewable energy technology called the Boiler Upgrade Scheme or BUS. We discussed the best order to approach reducing your household carbon footprint.

If you are not ready to progress replacing your oil or LPG boiler then start with Loft insulation. Make sure that the installer does not affect your roof ventilation! This is affordable and reduces heat loss as 25% of the heat typically escapes through your roof. Think minimum 300mm or 12 inches and more if possible.

Adjust controls on your boiler flow temperature and turn down your thermostat or radiator valves.

Ready for a HEAT PUMP then the £7,500 grant is deducted from your quote.

Contact MCS accredited installers for heat pump quotes. You can save between 3.5 to 5.5 tonnes of carbon emissions per year depending on how much fuel you use!

Seek advice from installers if you think your house is not eligible as exemption certificates are possible. You need loft and cavity insulation if this applies to your house design and a valid EPC with no outstanding recommendations. You can still have solid walls and apply.

Some asked about noise– new designs are quieter and about the same as a washing machine or similar to the exhaust noise on your boiler. Ask a friend to go and stand in their garden and listen to one. They will not be running much in the summer when you are sitting outside. Oil and gas boilers will eventually not be an option. Or you can install a biomass boiler or Ground Source Heat Pump but these options are more expensive.

You can still save VAT on PV panels to generate your own electricity, around 4,000-6,000 kWh/year depending on roof size saving £1,200 to £1,800/year if you use it all. You will export around 40% if you don’t have a battery or car connected.

If your car is due for replacement or you are driving enough to justify the investment, around 8000 miles/year then look at EV cars- there are now second hand vehicles with good range too. They are cheaper to run with no road tax and reduce emissions by at least 70%.

A diesel car running 8,000 miles will emit around 2.7 tCO2 compared with 600-700 kgCO2 for an EV using grid electricity.

The key thing is to pick something and find out more.

Talk to others and share your experience.

Make sure you seek more than one proposal and use MCS accredited companies as this provides a minimum standard and access to the grants.

We shared an interesting graph on heat pumps installed across Europe which showed we are the worst with the lowest number of installations per 1000 households. So plenty of catching up to do……

Abberley Parish Council cannot recommend installers or give specific advice.