Parish Council thanks for support with comunity litter-pick on Saturday 12th October.

Abberley Parish Council wish to thank all those who turned up for the Village Litter Pick on Saturday 12th October. It was amazing and really heartening to see our merry band of 15 set off to scour the hedgerows and verges for RUBBISH!! What had been forecast as a miserably wet morning actually transformed itself into one of those glorious autumn days where it is a joy to be outside.

Garbed in the ubiquitous high vis vest and armed with what turned out to be rather efficient grabbers we set off determined to give those litter droppers a trouncing.

We collected over 20 bags most of which I am thankful to say were accumulated at the Shaver’s End part of town. Our doughty volunteers did a lot of scrambling around down banks to retrieve some fairly unpleasant detritus. Shame on those who think that it is all right to bag up dog poo in plastic and just leave it lying around. And what makes those guilty parties think that it is all right to throw them into the undergrowth. The least you could do is use a compostable bag! I don’t think there is a rubbish fairy detailed off to collect them as you obviously think there is.

Which brings me to the Litter Angels whose name were whispered. It became apparent on our clearing of the countryside that that there are people who, without being asked, make it their business to regularly patrol our highways and byways collecting litter and debris and perhaps it is to them that we should give the biggest thanks of all.