Plea from Local Farmer re-Lambing

Plea from a local farmer

We are just about to commence our busiest period of the year, lambing, which will last for the next 4 weeks or so – we have ewes lambing both indoors and outdoors, and inevitably will be checking these animals at regular intervals. The land has several footpaths crossing it and of course we have to go through the gates on these paths on a daily basis. Ideally we would prefer people to stay at home, but if they do use a footpath could they please wear disposable gloves to minimise the risk of potentially leaving virus on the surface ?

We are working around the clock for the next month (to maintain food supplies to the population), and our priority as a family must be to avoid contracting the virus which would inevitably put us under extreme pressure during such a hectic period.

On the same note, with many dog owners in the village now at home and probably exercising their animals more frequently than usual (?), could they ensure the dogs remain on a lead under control when in the proximity of livestock.

If we can all show some consideration and compassion to others during this period, hopefully this lockdown will not be sustained any longer than absolutely necessary.

Thanks, in anticipation

Local Farmer.